Recommend me a software for editing photos and creating new designs, please. Well, there are many different programs to work with graphics, a list of photo editing software you will find the link. The most popular software programs now are Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. Here you can download this software: download adobe photoshop cs5
Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 Download Illustrator CS4 I hope I helped you! Yes thanks, this information helped me a lot, I downloaded Adobe Photoshop and is very happy with it.

About Me


Mark K. Clare, M.S. Physics, M.A. Analytic Philosophy, certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, has over 20 years of experience in strategic change, design thinking, innovation, and technology with leading Fortune 200 companies and a Silicon Valley start-up that include 3M and Allstate.

Mark Clare is an author with several publications including the book Knowledge Assets and a series of articles in KM Review on Solving the Knowledge-Value Equation. He holds two patents, with others pending, in artificial intelligence and knowledge management. Before starting New Value Streams Consulting, Mark held several executive positions including Vice President for Parkview Health where he was involved in major service design, technology and quality efforts at an eight-hospital health system in  Indiana. 

Mr. Clare is an adjunct instructor at Northwestern University and teaches graduate students, with an emphasis on applied cognitive science, in the Learning and Organizational Change Program and the Leadership Program. Mark also teaches physics at Purdue University and coaches on technical topics in six sigma, theory of constraints and operations research. 

Mr. Clare has built a career by designing and implementing socio-technical systems that improve organizational performance. He is a design generalist with experience in product, service, process, program, business model, organizational and software design. Mark specializes in cognitive design, or designs optimized for how minds (people, groups, machines) actually work. He pioneered a course on cognitive design at Northwestern  University, publishes the Cognitive Design and YourNextBrain!  blogs and founded New Value Streams, a firm focused on innovations that link key value drivers to employee and customer cognition.

Mark is currently working on a new book,  Fourth Level Innovation: Designing for How Minds Really Work.

Contact: or 260-433-7923