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Personal Informatics from Your Phone Company

Forbes ran an interesting article about AT&T’s plans to sell a line of clothing that will automatically record heart rate, body temperature and other vitals and beam the data to a secure web site.   AT&T like other wireless providers wants to leverage their technology and networks to get into personal informatics and e-health.

Rather than a wristband or body wrap, the AT&T clothes will include a sensor pack you can remove before washing.  This could have mass market appeal and take personal informatics to a much broader audience. The clothes are not on the market yet. There is plenty of time  to start cooking up cognitive designs for how to put them to use.

The work  is being done by AT&T’s emerging device division.  You can partner with them to add wireless capabilities to your products and services.

Interested to hear from readers about how bio-tracking clothes can be used to improve health, play games, share with friends or otherwise create value.


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